Monday, July 19, 2010

Real Listing of Genius Award this Month...

This home in Barton Creek was listed by a realtor for $1 mil 2 years ago. This was back when Zillow would publish Zestimates in Austin. Zillow valued it at 700k or so.

After at least 2 years on the market, it is now listed at 619k. (I still don't think it will sell at that price but it's a lot closer.) So tell me again why Zillow is no good? Tell me again why you realtors don't release sales data to us, the consumers? This seller would have been better off with an algorithm.

2305 Barton Creek Blvd, Austin, TX 78735 MLS# 5152235 - Zillow

-Mr. Bubble


  1. Couldn't find the listing history showing it at $1 million. You have a link to reference?

    Thanks, John

  2. Link other than Zillow, like MLS. MLS shows no history of the property for sale between 2003 and 2010.

  3. It's at the bottom of the Zillow page. You have to fold down the section to see the full history.

  4. They aren't sales prices. They are list prices. The dropped the list price from 1 mil to 619k with 3 different realtors over the 2 yr period.

  5. Like I wrote, there is no evidence in the MLS that the property was actively listed from the last sale in 2003 until the current listing popped in April this year. I think this is typical of Zillow in Texas - many errors, a result of this state being a non-disclosure sales state.

    Zillow is fun, but not a relevant guide (at this point) in Texas.

  6. From Zillow:

    Price History
    Date Description Price % Chg $/sqft Source
    07/18/2010 Listed for sale * $619,000 -11.6% $242 Gottesman Windham Real Estate
    11/07/2009 Listing removed * -- -- -- --
    10/03/2009 Price change * $700,000 -6.7% $274 RE/MAX Aus
    08/01/2009 Price change * $750,000 -6.2% $294 RE/MAX Aus
    07/10/2009 Price change * $800,000 3.2% $313 RE/MAX Aus
    06/30/2009 Price change * $775,000 -22.5% $304 RE/MAX Aus
    06/14/2009 Price change * $1,000,000 21.2% $392 Homes & La
    05/16/2009 Price change * $825,000 -8.3% $323 Homes & La
    02/26/2009 Price change * $900,000 -10.0% $353 Homes & La
    08/30/2008 Listed for sale * $1,000,000 -- $392 Homes & La

  7. Don't forget the Realtor doesn't set the list price. The seller can put what ever price they want on it, someone will always take the listing.

  8. I apologize for the test, though I wanted to see if you'd ever catch the error Zillow makes: 2305 Barton Creek is the common address for a condo association with multiple units. 48 of them, in fact. The error becomes obvious with a little research.

    The unit listed at $619k is #41 and it started at $650k less than 2 months ago. Not the same unit you believe was listed over and over again since 2008. Most of those are different units.

    Only point I'd like to reiterate is don't trust Zillow with facts. As I wrote earlier, it's fun and sometimes useful, but carries lots of information that doesn't square with reality (in the state of Texas).

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